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  • Install the chrome extension
  • Open a video in YouTube Studio
  • Press our button in the subtitles tab
  • We transcribe your video
  • We upload the subtitles automatically
I want YouTube Transcripts šŸš€ Why should I do this? šŸ¤”

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Youtube's auto transcripts are ok... but they:
ā€¢ don't count for SEO
ā€¢ mash separate sentences together
ā€¢ don't have commas or periods

Our Transcripts:

  • More Accurate transcripts šŸ¤Ŗ - what's the point otherwise?
  • Punctuation and Capitalization ā“ - humans will read it
  • No Branding šŸ™…ā€ā™‚šŸ™…ā€ā™€ļø - it looks better
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    [00:00] no freaking way that brett maverick's

    [00:02] jawline is

    [00:03] natural welcome back to the first

    [00:05] episode of jawline review which is

    [00:07] quite simply exactly what it sounds like

    [00:09] we review people's jawlines we're going


    [00:00] No fricking way that Brett Maverick's jawline is natural.

    [00:04] Welcome back to the first episode of jawline review,

    [00:06] which is quite simply exactly what it sounds like.

    [00:09] We review people's jawlines so we're going to be looking at an absolute Maverick

    [00:14] called Brett Maverick.

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    I want YouTube Transcripts šŸš€ Who is behind this?
    Matt Phelps Avatar

    Hey šŸ‘‹ I'm Matt

    I grew my Youtube subscribers from 0 to 4046 in 2 months with 4 videos. The average channel takes 70+ videos and 1.5 years to hit 1k!

    How did I do it? Search Engine Optimisation, SEO. Subtitles, or transcriptions, are crucial. Unforuntately, the Youtube auto transcripts don't count for SEO. So I used to spend hours writing them myself because I didn't want to pay someone 15-20$ per video.

    My buddies and I made this service to make it easy to get cheap, fast and accurate transcriptions. To save time, money and get more views!

    If you have any questions, reach out to me šŸ˜

    Grow Fast using SEO šŸš€
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Should I Add a Transcript to My YouTube Video?

    YouTube is a search engine- just like Google. It tries to gather as much information as possible about your video, so it knows where to rank it and who to recommend it to.

    The thing is: it's harder to know what videos are about, compared to text. By adding a transcript to your video, you're giving YouTube more (easily processed) information. With transcripts, YouTube will know what you're talking about in your video.

    The more YouTube knows, the more accurate their recommendations. That means they'll show your video to the right audience- which means a higher CTR and average view duration for your videos.

    Better Analytics for you, and more satisfied viewers for YouTube.

    How Do I Add a YouTube Transcript to My Video?

    I'll walk you through this step-by-step when you get your YouTube transcript. But if you can't wait...

    Here's the steps:

    1ļøāƒ£. Go to your YouTube studio and select the "Subtitles" tab

    2ļøāƒ£. Select the video that you want to add a transcript to

    3ļøāƒ£. Click the blue "Add Language" button and select the language you want to add a transcript in

    4ļøāƒ£. Click the "Add" button for the language you just selected

    5ļøāƒ£. Upload your file and select your YouTube transcript file that we email to you

    6ļøāƒ£. Briefly check the transcript from YouTube studio to see that everything is working. You're done āœ…!

    How Do YouTube Transcripts Help With SEO?

    Let's say your video is about "aqua yoga". You know what your video is about, and people with eyes can see what it's about. But how will YouTube's algorithm know what it's about?

    A transcription of your video will tell YouTube everything you say in the video. You probably say your main keyword ("aqua yoga") quite a few times, as well as secondary keywords like "yoga in a pool" or "water yoga".

    The more information YouTube has, the better its recommendations. Now that it knows exactly what happens in your video, it can find the perfect audience for it. And YouTube has over 2 BILLION users, so there's plenty of people that want to watch your video.

    You've just got to help YouTube find them.

    How Can I Download Youtube Subtitles as Text?

    The automatically generated YouTube subtitles (transcripts) can be quite inaccurate and poorly formatted. BUT if you want to download them from any video for FREE... then you can do it right here on

    1ļøāƒ£. Scroll up to the section above "Get your Transcript"

    2ļøāƒ£. Enter the link to the YouTube video you want the transcript for

    3ļøāƒ£. Enter your email so we can send it to you

    4ļøāƒ£. Click the button that says "Get YouTube Auto Transcript (Free)"

    5ļøāƒ£. We'll email the YouTube transcript to you in a .xml file. Done āœ…!

    How can I get add more Keywords for YouTube to rank me?

    In addition to the transcripts that you add, YouTube also uses your title and description to rank your videos in Search.

    An easy way to get more Keywords into the description is to put parts of the transcript into your description.

    When you get our optimized YouTube transcripts we automatically send a .txt file that is split into paragraphs that you can just copy-paste into your video description on YouTube.

    To save money you can also download the FREE version transcript on here and copy-paste parts of the transcripts file that we send you or just write up the description by hand as a summary of your Transcript while focusing on your keywords.

    What else can I do to get more viewers?

    Glad that you ask. Transcriptions and adding keywords to your description on YouTube are just the beginning.

    Running and growing a Channel is a lot like running a startup or a business so we've used our Background in Startups and running a YouTube channel to compile a resources and tools to grow your YouTube Channel fast with a data driven approach over at

    We'd love for you to check it out ā¤ļø